How do I book a party?

You can either book a party by sending us an email on the contact page or calling us at 612-719-4836. Please be sure to fill out your Name, Email, Phone number, Location, Desired Date, Time, and Select a Character. We will get back to you with available party dates and time slots. Once we find a date and time that work best, we will send you the “Party Agreement” and we will contact you via phone to finish the booking process.

We need 2 things to secure a party booking:

1. A $150 non-refundable credit card deposit
2. Signed “Party Agreement”

You party is not booked until we receive both. All dates and times are first come first serve.

When is final payment due?

Final payment is due at the conclusion of the party by cash or check made out to: Princess Party Pals.

Can I invite boys to the Princess Party? Will they have fun?

Yes, boys are certainly welcome! There is always a token brother, cousin or neighborhood boy who is invited to the party. For the Princess Parties, we have pirate hats and swords that they get to wear for the Royal Fashion Show and I substitute foamie prince hats for them to decorate during the arts and crafts segment. Otherwise, the story time, face painting, musical/themed games, and cupcakes are all gender friendly and very enjoyable for princesses or pirates. Our Super Hero, Space and Pup Patrol party plans also include boy inclusive activities.

Can I invite more than 8 kids to the party?

Absolutely! We have 3 Party Packages that include a variety of kids. “Magic Moments” includes up to 8 children (including the birthday child). Additional children are welcome at $25 a head. “Best Day Ever” and “Happily Ever After” include 12 kids (including the birthday child). Additional children are welcome at $15 a head.

What happens if my child gets sick, can I reschedule the party?

Yes, you may reschedule your party, but it must be within 6 weeks of the previously scheduled party based on our availability. If you decide to cancel altogether you will forfeit your non-refundable deposit.

Should I invite the kids to come in costume or do you supply costumes?

Absolutely! We have found that most little girls these days have some sort of princess dress or ballet recital costume and they LOVE to wear it. Boys also love to come in their super Hero, Turtle, Space or Pirate costume too. It’s a fun opportunity for boys and girls to wear their costumes outside the house and it also sets the tone that this is going to be a magical and special day.

Do you provide goody bags?

Goody bags are provided with our “Happily Ever After” package. You will receive 12 goody bags decorated and customized to your selected theme. They include a variety of items such as: fruit snacks, bracelets, rings and bubbles, magic wands or swirly straws. You are also more than welcome to add whatever you would like to the goody bag.

Can I order a cake instead of cupcakes?

We do not offer a cake option, only cupcakes. All party packages include chocolate, vanilla or a combination of cupcakes. “Magical Moments” comes with one dozen cupcakes and “Best Day Ever” and “Happily Ever After” include 2 dozen cupcakes. If you prefer a cake and would like to provide your own that is fine. We would be happy to swap out the cupcakes and offer you a 9th attendee (including the birthday girl) instead of 8 for providing your own cake.

How much space is needed for the parties?

Our parties are very adaptable. Typically we will need a table for Arts and Crafts and Face Painting. If you do not have enough chairs for all the attendees that is fine, they can stand around it. We only need 2 chairs for Face Painting. We do bring a 10 foot red carpet that is rolled out for the Royal Fashion Show. This segment has been done in a living room or family room. We can adjust the size of the carpet to accommodate your home.

Can we do the party outside?

No, all parties must be done indoors. We know that it can be so tempting to want to do parties outside during the summer months, but our number one concern is the quality of our parties and creating a top notch experience for you and your child. Wind, rain and heat can be extremely taxing on costumes, wigs and the performers themselves. We would much rather be focused on giving your child the most magical day rather than the dueling the weather elements.

What do you supply at the party?

We supply the costume accessories (fairy wings, crowns and magic wands) for the Royal Fashion Show, although everyone is definitely welcome and encouraged to come to the party in princess attire if they so wish. We bring all Arts and crafts supplies including the crowns and stickers, the Face Painting supplies, the cupcakes, the music and the boom box. For party plans other than Princess Parties, please refer to the Party Packages page for a complete list of all activities that is included with your selected them.

What do I need to supply at the party?

You need to supply the invitations for the party, the paper products (plates, napkins, cups ), any food or drinks that you might want to offer at the party. Sometimes parents will order pizza or make some snacks for the kids at the parties. Also if you would like a candle for the top of your cupcakes, please provide one.

Do you supply the paper products? Invitations?


Do you serve any food besides cupcakes?


What if I am unsure of the number of attendees at the party?

That is ok. When you book the party, we will get an estimate from you over the phone. This helps us do the preliminary planning. The final head count is due 1 week prior to the party.

Do you have a list of objects for the kids to choose from for face painting?

Yes we have a Face Painting Board that I bring to the parties that includes pictures of objects like, butterflies, cupcakes, unicorns, hearts, balloons, puppies, kitties, spiders, frogs, rocket ships, sports balls, pirate faces, fairy faces and many more.

How Far do you travel to do parties?

Princess Party Pals travels 20 miles out from downtown Minneapolis. Parties outside the 20 mile radius are subject to a gas stipend.

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