My daughter got to FaceTime with Beauty! It was so magical! How many girls can say they FaceTimed with a princess? Not many! You won’t be disappointed. Princess party pals brings magic wherever they go!

Jamie K.

Grace and Addie LOVED their FaceTime chat with with Snow Queen. It was such a day brightener and we can’t wait to do more. They sang together, chit-chatted and learned fun facts about Frozen. It was super personalized and engaging and included a fun follow up activity. We can’t wait to do it again!!

Katie L.

Princess Party Pals creates the most magical experiences for my children! We’ve used Princess Party Pals for birthday parities and most recently we had a private FaceTime call! Oh my goodness, was it MAGICAL! We met with Snow Queen and not only did she know my children by name she created quarantine memories we’ll never forget! We sang, we laughed, we were mesmerized! Thank you, Princess Party Pals for keeping the magic swirling throughout our home! We love you! ❄️❤️❄️❤️❄️❤️❄️

Tiffany H.

Love how Princess Party Pals is able to creatively adapt to social distancing. We had a great private FaceTime call with Little Mermaid yesterday, which brightened our day! We love how Little Mermaid reinforced the importance of listening to Mom and Dad, being nice, creating art, and doing their school work.

Sarah R.

Where to begin? Nicole is magical. With recent need to be home with my kids and social distancing, we were thrilled when she offered FaceTime with different princesses. She sang, answered questions (did you know Gaston is now tending to horses in the stable?! ?), knew exactly what to ask my girls, gave us fun “homework” to do and even followed up with a personal message hours after the call. I was blown away with how she made every minute count and the impact it had on my girls (and even me)! In times like these you need to ask yourself what your kids will remember... and Nicole’s FaceTimes is one of those things we will cherish forever. Treat yourself and your kids, you won’t regret it!!

Bethany S.

Magical and amazing! We've hired Princess Party Pals for birthdays and to FaceTime and my girls always love it. Nicole really makes the experience special and something your kids will never forget!

Jen G.

FaceTime with a princess? Yes, please! My daughters have been able to FaceTime chat with 2 princesses and it’s been SO magical and fun for them! It’s been so nice to add a little magic to the week with a FaceTime call from a favorite princess. I love how easy it is to set up, and it’s really fun that each princess suggests a few fun princess activities for the girls to do once the call ends. My daughters keep asking how I know so many princesses.

Nicole and Princess Party Pals are truly wonderful to do business with. My daughter wanted to have a Cinderella birthday party when she turned three and Nicole helped to make it one of the most special and magical birthdays a girl could ever hope for! The kids (and adults) all had a great time. We are looking forward to our next Princess Party Pals birthday party with Fairy! Thank you again for helping to add magic and fun to our days, Nicole!

Katy F.

Princess Party Pals is the best! We have used Nicole to host a party for my daughter's 4th birthday. Little Mermaid came to visit and it was magical! We just used her again last week for a FaceTime call with Little Mermaid. This was a great activity to add some magic into our lives! I highly recommend using Princess Party Pals!

Monica H.

Nicole is in the business of bringing joy to children by bringing popular children's movie characters to life. She has now able to provide that service through facebook live and video chats for children who are now stuck at home. You owe it to yourself and your children to check out and utilize what Nicole has to offer as she is phenomenal at what she does and it is simply fantastic and memorable.

Randy H.

Nicole does an amazing job! My girls have loved their birthday parties over the years and most recently a FaceTime with Mal 

Melissa B.

We did an "Little Mermaid Facetime" today and my kids LOVED IT! She even sang to them  What a fun experience for them.

Jenna C.

Everleigh (and Weston) got a call this morning the from Snow Queen and it was the best surprise ever! She can’t stop talking about it and had the biggest smile on her face. She sang to her and read her a story. I almost was brought to tears to see so much joy on her face. It’s the little things...and I also love the innocence and sweetness of these kiddos who truly have no idea what’s going on in the world right now. Our Monday is off to a great start!

Thanks Princess Party Pals for making this special moment possible! ?

Sharilyn S.

Amazing amazing amazing company. Innovative. Brilliant. Truly knows all the kids families gives back. Hire them ASAP! We adore them and by golly they have a lot of characters. Perfection. Such talent.

Heather H.


I always say that when you have children you have magic in your home.  You are the perfect ingredient to create more magic.  You bring out joy in  children and adults.  You took a special birthday and made it more special for my family and me.  You are fun, engaging and you truly understand children.  

You don’t lose tempo which if lost, creates boredom or disinterest.  I’m so glad I was able to find you on the internet- just talking to you on the phone I knew you would be my choice!

You exceeded my expectations and you captured all of us into your fairytale! You brought out the youth in all of us.  I feel like I spent the day with the Snow Queen.  You have an exuberance about you.  You have a delightful sense of humor and you really stay in character at all times.  

You have many gifts and I just want to thank you for sharing them with us yesterday.  You made my heart smile just watching the extreme joy and excitement you brought to my family and me.  Thank you doesn’t seem to say enough, but thank you.  

Mary Reiland, Champlin Norah, 6
Mary Reiland - Norah, 6Champlin, MN

Hi Nicole

I just wanted to say Thank you again! What an amazing day you made it for all of us!! Hannah has had a permanent smile on her face since you left and can't believe she actually met the "Real Cinderella"!!  You have an amazing talent! I am sure we will be seeing you in the near future.. all those little girls were In awww. Thank you so much for a very special 5th birthday for Hannah! 

Lindsey Wilman Hannah, 5
Lindsey Wilman - Hannah, 5Cinderella

Nicole –

You were magical tonight.  I can never thank you enough for the experience you created.  There were several people there that needed a little magic.  Grace who recently had a heart transplant and Alex the photographer who suddenly lost her mom, my closest friend.  You infused all of us with a true joy and magic that is a real gift.  I hope you know how talented and special you are.  I am tearing up just thinking about it.  I can’t thank you enough.

Bonnie Gross Mom to Samantha (5)
Bonnie Gross - Mom to Samantha (5)


Thank you for the party of a lifetime! Seriously you are amazingly gifted and talented. I was as in awe of you as I think the girls were tonight! You did such a great job with 11 kids!! keeping them all entertained, engaged, and involved. Every single girl had a phenomenal time at the party and I truly cannot thank you enough for the gift of your talent. THANK YOU!!

I also wanted to say thank you for paying particular attention to both Mirabelle and Phoebe. Phoebe is seriously so enamored with you. It was so heartwarming to watch. Again, you amaze me.

I will send you a few pics and you can feel free to choose. Let me know if you need anything else. I truly cannot thank you enough.

Melissa Helland Mom to Mirabelle & Phoebe
Melissa Helland - Mom to Mirabelle & Phoebe

Nicole Fenstad, 

you are truly amazing! Had tears in my eyes today listening to your beautiful voice. Look at Anna watching you in awe, priceless!! You bring so much joy with your talent! You made Anna's birthday one to remember for her, her friends and all of us adults too! Thank you!!!! This was the third time you've helped my girls celebrate their birthday and it won't be the last!! 

For my friends considering hiring a princess for a fun event, contact Nicole at Party Princess Pals, best ever!!!

Kari Rohrich mom to Anna (5)
Kari Rohrich - Mom to Anna (5) Maple Grove, MN

Nicole did an AMAZING job!  This was truly a dream come true for my daughter (and my husband and me too!) It really was a magical experience and day for all involved. Nicole did an awesome job working a crowd of 10 very energetic little princesses and was able to include my parents in on the special day as well. We really appreciated how she immediately learned all the girl’s names and went out of her way to include my parents. That really meant a lot to us, and especially my parents, to play such a big role in this special day that we will always cherish!

Laura Smith mom to Hope (5)
Laura Smith - Mom to Hope (5)Plymouth, MN

Special day today!!!!! ️Thank you 'Sprinkles' (Nicole Fenstad)  

for pulling this off for the kiddos!!!!!  

Mackenna Can't stop talking about Sprinkles and all the fun stuff! She was most excited to show me her Christmas tree!!!! The  pic of the 2 of you just warmed my heart!!!!

Kara Schlieman - Mom to Mackenna (3)Savage, MN

Nicole took such great care of all the children in our party. Even at toddler age, they have little personalities, some stronger than others.

We knew when we saw her six months previously at another princess party that she exemplified talent at both wrangling squirmy children into following her every direction, as well as creating a magical time for them. 

It’s a special gift to have so many little people both adore and listen to you! Nicole came highly recommended from a fellow parent and I would be honored to tell anyone Nicole made our party very special for our precious daughter.

April Guillaume mom to Maggie 4
April Guillaume - Mom to Maggie 4Chaska, MN

Nicole -

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything you did today. You were amazing and the kids had the time of their lives! I so appreciate all of the time and effort you put into coordinating the activities today, it was seamless and we are so happy with the results. You are so talented and it was so much fun to watch you with the kids. I cannot say enough, thank you again for making such a memorable day for Reagan.

Danielle Nelson
Danielle Nelson - Mom to ReaganBlaine, MN


I just wanted to say thank you again for the party! It was beyond what we could have hoped for...you were absolutely fantastic! The dancing and singing were extra treats and so much fun to watch! You have a true gift and it was delightful to experience! Willow and all her friends still cannot stop talking about it! 

Anyways....thank you again so much! You will be HIGHLY recommended from me to everyone. 

J.Kelly Willow age 6
J.Kelly - Willow age 6Long Lake, MN

Nicole - 

I just wanted to send you a big thank you for the wonderful party!!!!! My daughter had the time of her life and was asking if you could come back today because today is her actual birthday! You did a tremendous job and I thank you so much. Everyone had fun - grown ups included. It was an incredible experience. Don't be surprised if you hear from us in the future asking you to come back for another birthday party. 

Oh and the look on Gabrielle's face when she saw you at the door - was truly PRICELESS!!!!!! 

Danielle Antonovich
Danielle AntonovichChanhassen, MN

Dear Nicole,

Thank you for the best Birthday Party EVER for Kylie! 

The kids and Kylie can't stop talking about it. 

I will always recommend you! 

Thank you - it was the best! 

We may just have to have you back!

Erinn Reimann Mom to Kylie
Erinn Reimann - Mom to KylieBlaine, MN

Nicole - It's now about an hour after you left, everyone's gone except my daughter and Tegan - who's staying the night on a sleepover. For so many reasons, Serwyn's birthday party was a huge success - and it's almost single-handedly due to your presence and professional handling of a roomful of young adoring fans. Thank you, thank you. You did a tremendous job, and I'm pretty sure Serwyn will talk about this experience for years to come. Bravo!

Serwyn has already asked if you can come to her party next year 🙂

Many, many thanks again.

Erik Rogers Dad to Serwyn
Erik Rogers - Dad to SerwynMinneapolis, MN


I have no words except: *magic*. The whole thing was magic. Every mom got tears in their eyes and every little girl was transfixed. What an amazing party! There was a large gathering at the Roseville Oval last night for the hockey association, and word of Angela's party had spread. I seriously need cards of yours to keep in my wallet. I must've written Princess Party Pals down at least ten times for people! The pictures are something I know we will cherish forever. I'm totally framing the one of Angela on your lap, gazing lovingly at you. 🙂

I can not thank you enough. We're already thinking Tangled might have to show up next year. Feel free to use any of the pics, and if you want me to write a glowing recommendation somewhere I will!!

Mary Barsness Mom to Angela age 4
Mary Barsness - Mom to Angela age 4Little Canada, MN


Thank you so much for the wonderful party yesterday!  My girls are still talking about it 🙂  You are so talented and have such a sweet way with the little ones.  Thank you for making this party so extra special.

Melinda Reiter Mom to twins Audrey & Bridget, 5
Melinda Reiter - Mom to twins Audrey & Bridget, 5Chanhassen, MN

Hi Nicole,

Thank you so much for making Anne's 5th birthday so special. She had a wonderful day, you were amazing! Frankie has already requested a Princess for her 5th birthday! 

I'm going to tell everyone I know about you. 🙂

Thank you again! 

Dianne Catapano
Dianne Catapano Minneapolis, MN


Just wanted to send you a BIG THANKS for making my daughter Lilly's birthday SO special! The girls loved it and the adults enjoyed it just as much! I know you know the happiness and joy you bring to people already but I would just like to reiterate-- you brought us ALOT of joy and helped us to make beautiful memories! Thank you so much from us and Lilly!

Good luck with your business and I hope you continue bringing happiness to people for a very long.

Gao Nou Xiong mom to Lilly (6)
Gao Nou Xiong - Mom to Lilly (6)Blaine, MN
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